September 2, 2021 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

Sheridan Township Planning Commission

Sheridan Township Hall

September 2, 2021 - 7:00 p.m.

Planning Commission present: Harold Badger (Chair), Scott Frederick, Rick Offerson, Peggy Vogt

Absent: Sally Jackson

Guests: Richard Porter, Supervisor (late arrival due to conflict)

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a roll call of Planning Commission members and a moment of silence observed to honor military members killed in Afghanistan.

Agenda: A motion was made by Offerson; seconded by Vogt, to accept the agenda as presented. Motion passed unanimously.

Minutes: A motion was made by Frederick; seconded by Offerson, to approve the minutes of the August 5, 2021, meeting as presented. Motion passed unanimously.

Correspondence: Invitation from Coldwater Township to attend a MTA informational meeting on 9/28/21 at the Coldwater Township Hall. RSVP is requested.*

Reports: Township Board - Frederick reported the outcome of the special meeting requested by Savion.

Zoning Administrator - Shedd was not able to attend but did provide permit requests.*

Zoning Board of Appeals - Nothing to report

New Business: None to report

Unfinished Business: Review process continues on the Zoning Ordinance. Following is a list of changes/additions/suggestions:

Section 1.06 - Reference is made to place new Ordinance in local newspaper. Could this be omitted and have the Ordinance on the township website?

Section 2.02 - (a)#'s 17 & 18 could be reversed to maintain alphabetical order. (b) add a definition for blight. (c) could use a definition for nuisance.

Section 4.04 - Item A - States lot size of (1) acre; Master Plan (page 43) under Zoning Adjustments refers to lot size as 2.5 acres. Need clarification.

Section 5.03 - Omit "H" and move current "I" to "H".

Section 9.03 - Add Item X - Large Solar Systems (note: adopted 2-20-18)

Section 10.03 - Add Item M - Large Solar Systems (note: adopted 2-20-18)

Section 13.01 - Add State of Michigan as handling inspections

Section 14.16 - E - 13 - Change "orientated" to "oriented"

Section 14.17 - B - 2 & C - 8 - Note that the assessor is handling land divisions and the Planning Commission is not involved (per change 6-7-18)

Commissioners will continue to work on the review process and will discuss further at the October 7, 2021, meeting.

Sheridan Township Planning Commission Page two

Other Business: Upon Porter's arrival he updated the members on: (a) blighted houses being demolished on East Michigan Avenue by the Anderson's; (b) an update on solar permits in other areas and fees for the permits.

Adjournment: A motion was made by Frederick; seconded by Vogt, to adjourn. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Minutes submitted by

Peggy Vogt, Secretary

Sheridan Township Planning Commission

Harold Badger, Chair

Sheridan Township Planning Commission

Minutes approved at the 10/7/21 meeting of the Sheridan Township Planning Commission.

*Copies of items referenced in these minutes are available in the Township Clerk's Office.

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