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September 13, 2023 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Minutes


Sheridan Township Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting

September 13, 2023

10:00 am


I.          Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Harold Badger at 10:01 am.    


Present:  Harold Badger, Aaron Zick, Rick Offerson


Absent: None


II.        Approval of previous meeting minutes:  A motion was made by Aaron, 2nd by Rick to approve the meeting minutes for February 3, 2021.  All in favor; the motion passed.


III.       1.  Consideration of the request of Chris Wilson of DG BTS Albion, MI LLC (“applicant”) for a variance to reduce the number of parking spaces to 40 from the required 78 parking spaces for a Dollar General.  Parking spaces for retail uses are regulated by Section 22.06 of the Township Zoning Ordinance for an unaddressed Parcel No. 19-632-048-00 (“subject property”) located on the east side of N. Clark Street near Sydenham Street, within Sheridan Township.  The applicant further requests a variance of up to 16’ from the required 50’ Green Belt Buffer setback requirement as required by Section 18.04.C of the Township Zoning Ordinance.  The subject property is located in the Township “CS” Community Service District Zoning Classification and is approximately 3.1 acres in size.


            2.  Such other matters as may properly come before the Zoning Board of Appeals


Harold introduces the purpose for this meeting.  Dave Martin goes over the particulars of the variance request from DG. 


A representative from DG, Jason Vanryn, addresses the board and the public.  They are requesting a 16' reduction on the Green Belt Buffer and a reduction in parking spaces from 74 to 40.  The request for the 16’ Green Belt Buffer setback variance is due to a natural buffer that already exists in the rear of the building that DG would like to disturb as little as possible.  They feel that it would be more beneficial to the residents to maintain the existing barrier and move the building forward instead.  The parking space reduction request is due to the fact that according to studies done by their company, they have no need for the extra 34 parking spaces.  They do not want to waste resources or the space it would take to put in the extra parking.  The extra parking would also mean extra lighting and constant maintenance for something that would never be used.   


Public comment: 


Public comment was taken at this time.  Residents voiced their concerns and asked questions about DG coming into their neighborhood.  The representatives from DG and the board responded to questions and acknowledged the concerns of the residents.   


The board discusses the variances and asks the DG representatives their questions.

A motion was made by Rick, 2nd by Aaron to approve the variances requested by DG market.  All in favor, the motion passed.


III.       Adjourn:  A motion was made by Rick, 2nd by Aaron to adjourn at 10:18 am.  All in favor, the motion passed.


Stephanie Craig, Secretary




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