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February 3, 2021 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Minutes

Sheridan Township Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting

February 3, 2021

1:00 pm

I. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Harold Badger at 1:00 pm.

Present: Harold Badger, Aaron Zick, Rick Offerson, Randy Fisher

Absent: None

Audience: Chris Atkin, Stephanie Craig

II. The public hearing is for consideration a dimensional variance to allow electrical transmission poles (utility poles) involved with the Calhoun County Solar Project, approved on May 11, 2020, to be no greater than one hundred and thirty (130) above grade. Per Section 15.25 F. of the zoning ordinance, Substation and electrical transmission equipment shall not exceed one hundred (100) feet.

The following list provides the location(s) where said electrical transmission poles will be installed:


19-200-009-20 26 Mile Rd, Albion, MI 49224

19-290-010-00 26 Mile Rd, Albion, MI 49224

19-290-012-00 26 Mile Rd, Albion, MI 49224

19-200-015-00 26 Mile Rd, Albion, MI 49224

19-200-018-20 26 Mile Rd, Albion, MI 49224

19-200-018-30 26 Mile Rd, Albion, MI 49224

19-290-009-00 26 Mile Rd, Albion, MI 49224

Harold Badger introduced himself and the board members and went over the reason for this meeting. This is a Zoom meeting due to Covid-19. All the board members are in Sheridan Township, Albion MI.

Harold asked if there was any public comment. There was none.

This meeting is regarding Zoning Ordinance Section 15.25; the height maximum for any construction in a solar project, which includes utility poles. The solar company is requesting an increase in the height variance on the utility poles listed above in case they need to exceed 100’. They will not be certain until construction commences which ones on this list will be over the current 100’ variance. Harold asks if there are any question from the board members. There are none. Randy comments that he has reviewed the information and does not see any issues with this change. Since they are crossing other transmission lines and Interstate-94 they will need the extra height. Randy does not think that this will be a problem. Harold agrees, he does not see any problems, nor any distortions or harm in this variance from the original ordinance. A motion was made by Aaron, 2nd by Rick to approve the variance. All in favor. The motion passed.

III. Adjourn: A motion was made by Randy, 2nd by Rick to adjourn at 1:10 pm. All in favor. The motion passed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Stephanie Craig, Secretary

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