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May 10, 2021 Planning Commission Special Meeting Minutes

Sheridan Township Planning Commission

Special Meeting via Zoom

Re: Decommissioning

May 10, 2021 - 10: 10 a.m.

Planning Commission present: Chair, Harold Badger (from Sheridan Township Hall), Vice Chair, Sally Jackson (from home), Township Trustee, Scott Frederick (from home), PC member, Rick Offerson (from home), Secretary, Peggy Vogt (from Sheridan Township Hall)

Staff: Zoning Administrator, Tom Shedd (from Sheridan Township Hall), Township Clerk, Stephanie Craig (from Sheridan Township Hall), Chris Atkin (Carlisle-Wortman Associates (from his office), Township Attorney, Brien Heckman, (from his office)

Guests: Michael Hebert (Sr. Consultant, Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc. - Lansing)

Sara Mills (Calhoun County Solar Project, LLC - Detroit)

Christina Martens (Sr. Associate Planner II, Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc. -

Bay City)

Emily Truebner (Calhoun County Solar Project - Savion -VP Permitting & Environmental - Kansas City KS)

T. Narum (Savion, Lawrence KS)

Melissa Vancrum (Counsel for Savion - Winetka KS)

Phone: 1-303****308

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a roll call of Planning Commission members. All present.

A motion was made by Vogt; seconded by Jackson, to approve the presented agenda for the meeting.* Motion passed unanimously.

Purpose: To agree to terms in the performance of decommissioning of the Large Solar Energy System to be constructed by CCSP (Calhoun County Solar Project, LLC) in Sheridan Township pursuant to Resolution #2020-05 dated May 11, 2020, and Section 15.25 O and V of the Zoning Ordinance of Sheridan Township.* (see attached)

Note: There were two different copies of Resolution #2020-05 distributed. For the purpose of these minutes I have lettered them "A" and "B". Comments in the minutes reflect responses to "B" which was the last received.


Mills, lead developer of the project, presented slides and referenced Resolution #2020-05. CCSP expects to submit building permit applications in June, 2021, and then proceed with construction.

Truebner. representing CCSP, stated it will take approximately 12 months to complete the project. They will comply with State of Michigan guidelines during construction. Upon decommissioning, all solar components above ground will be removed. Exceptions are listed in Resolution #2020-05, item 1.

Frederick: Stated that the addendum is acceptable, with the exception of the salvage statement. The cost of salvage should be the total cost and not net cost. The current Ordinance allows for the return of the land to the original state.

Sheridan Township Planning Commission Page two


Shedd: He had no questions but did state it was his opinion that the salvage value could not be used in figuring the decommissioning costs.

Jackson: Asked if items removed at decommissioning would include those below the frost line. Answer: Items 42" above will be removed and 7'-10' below will be removed.

Vogt: Had questions re: cost and salvage and those have already been addressed.

Offerson: After decommissioning what would be done with the soil. Answer: It will be restored to the original condition.

Badger: Items not decommissioned include the switchyard. The total cost of salvage should be the total cost and not net. The power grid will be used after decommissioning. Those items will be deeded over to the local power company.

Heckman: Apologized for the late delivery of the amended addendum which was received by most this a.m. It does not include salvageable items. It was confirmed that the amended addendum was received by the Savion representatives.

Atkin: He did not receive the amended addendum.

Vancrum: Confirmed that the amended addendum was received by her.

Phone call in: She has been discussing the decommissioning process with Heckman. They looked into other townships re: decommissioning. They concluded that it is up to the jurisdiction to set the decommissioning guidelines. Requests for changes in Ordinance decommissioning requirements could be presented for amendment to the Planning Commission.

Badger: The Sheridan Township Planning Commission has worked on its Ordinance for several years. PC wanted to be fair to the residents and the companies involved. PC has an obligation to the property owners that the property is restored to its original use. This is a farming community and if the property is sold and something happens before the project is completed, we owe the property owners that they be protected. We assured people of that during our ongoing meetings with them. The township would not have the funds to remove the equipment. We take our obligation to the community seriously. We would like to see the salvageable materials removed at total cost.

Frederick: Commended Badger on his comments.

Phone input: Appreciates the working relationship that they have had with the township.

Being no other comments, the comment time was closed.

Sheridan Township Planning Commission Page three


Badger made a motion to approve the Addendum to Updated Decommission Plan dated May 11, 2020, Resolution #2020-05 ("B") as presented to send to the Township Board; seconded by Offerson. Roll call vote: Badger, yes; Offerson, yes; Jackson, yes; Frederick, yes; Vogt, yes. There is notation that wording changes re: salvageable value will be based on the total value not net. This will need to be

reviewed by the Planning Commission. Motion passed.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 10:55 a.m.

Minutes submitted

Peggy Vogt, Secretary

Sheridan Township Planning Commission

Harold Badger, Chair

Sheridan Township Planning Commission

Minutes approved at the 6/3/21 meeting of the Sheridan Township Planning Commission.

*Copies of items referenced in these minutes are available in the Township Clerk's office.

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